Samsung Tocco Review – is Samsung Tocco at Par With Iphone?

Every time a touchscreen phone is launched in the market everybody compares it to iPhone. And then people ask whether it is any good or any better than iPhone.  In the case of Samsung Tocco, the reaction is the same. But perhaps this mobile phone has a greater chance of doing beyond what the iPhone can offer.

Samsung Tocco Touchscreen Dominance

Samsung was wise enough to improve their poorly received previous touchscreen mobile phones. With the aim to compete with the top and touchscreen leader mobile phone, it needed to reinvent how their mobile phone interface looked. True enough, the new attractive and smart TOUCHWIZ truly made its mark.

With the crisp and clean layout, the interface looked slicker and more stylish. Its ice silver exterior and its cool exterior is certainly a looker. The new Samsung Tocco exhibits colourful icons so it’s really attractive. The user also has an option to customize the home page with widgets that they mostly use. This will provide convenience to the user. It provides easy navigation and provides a more user-friendly interface. And customization is quite easy to do. One can do it through a drag and drop action.

The Camera Factor

This Samsung Tocco review would like to focus of the built-in camera of this mobile phone. That’s because it is the main arsenal of this mobile phone. It is one thing that the Samsung Tocco has that iPhone does not have, at least not the same caliber.

Samsung Tocco has a 5MP built-in camera. This will allow its users to capture photos to its last detail. What makes it even more possible to capture stunning photos is its great optics that uses the CMOS technology that is mostly used only digital SLR cameras.

What further aids its users in taking pictures is the face detection feature. The Samsung Tocco also leads the built-in camera market with its smile shot mode. The camera has a smart feature that can detect smiling people and automatically takes the shots. One should also not ignore the image stabilisation feature of its camera. With this feature, camera shake is reduced significantly.

How about Some Music?

Samsung Tocco only has 230MB memory. But this should not limit one from loading all of his favorite songs. All he’ll need is microSD card to hold them. It boasts of the Shazam program that can tell the user details about certain unfamiliar tracks.

Overall Performance of the Samsung Tocco

After highlighting all the pros in this Samsung Tocco review, it should fail to mention certain cons as well. One thing this mobile phone lacks is the onscreen keyboard. This is especially noticed by people who send text messages heavily. Without the convenient keyboard, texting becomes kind of awkward. The Samsung Tocco also does not have Wi-Fi. It is, however, 3G capable.

But then again with a great camera and then HSDPA support, Samsung Tocco is indeed one of the best touchscreen mobile phones. It is better than the iPhone in these aspects. However, not all would want only these features. So even if Samsung Tocco does not necessarily level with the iPhone, it is a strong contender. And with the great mobile phone deals available for this phone, it is really one mobile phone worth having.

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