Google wants to Publish Its Own-Brand Mobile Phones Next January

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International news from CNET: A Well-informed sources well-informed sources, Google plans to launch two versions of its own- brand mobile phones in next January, one will cooperate with T – Mobile USA, the other does not limit operators

HTC Google will make cell phones, there will be names on the HTC phones for as Passion, Dream. One or Nexus etc.

Google is probable to sell first Google phone on January 5 directly through their web site.

Google expressed in its official blog on Saturday last, Google is testing a new mobile device in the employees. The media revealed that Google wants to sell a touch mobile phone operators without locking, Which is convenient for users to choose their own favored servicer

Another version will cooperate with T -. Mobile USA under German Telecom, T-Mobile U.S. wants to provide with subsidies of Google purchasing mobile phones for American customers, however prices are still. pending

Sources said that, in the long run, Google will become mobile seller and obtain commission from the operator.

Google Mobile phones share resemblance with iPhone, but what different from iPhones are: Google phones can replace batteries, Google screen is bigger, and so the users can enlarge the memory card

Currently,. . T-Mobile and Google have not issued any comments yet

Will Power, of Baird analyst rearch said: “we expect this phone Will bring all smart mobile phone manufacturers a positive influence, Such as Apple, RIM, OYG Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Palm, Samsung, etc. In addition, Google’s existing partners -. Android may be the biggest beneficiaries

So far, Google has had cooperation with many phone manufacturers about Android load. month, Google has announced more than 12 Android mobile phones listed.

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Article from Google Phone

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