Iphone and Verizon in 2011

In their continued attempts to assure the public (and themselves) that they’ll be okay in a Verizon iPhone world, competitors of Apple and Verizon just can’t seem to keep from revealing the existence of the Verizon iPhone 4 in the process. First it was Motorola, blabbing away about how the smartphones it manufactures for Verizon will do fine despite increased competition. Then it was AT&T trying to assure the world that it does have smartphones like HTC, Motorola, and other android phone that are competing with iphone 4.  AT&T knows that its customers will be driven towards Verizon once iPhone 4 is made available on their network.  And now it’s Motorola, again, with its motormouth CEO all but singing a lullaby to those who are even aware that Motorola is still in business, about even once the Verizon iPhone 4 (not quite mentioned by name) arrives, everything is gonna be alright.

If anything, you’d think AT&T would be doing everything it can to coddle iPhone 4 users in the hopes of keeping them around, or maybe that strategy won’t surface until mid 2011-2012, when AT&T suddenly realizes iPhone 4 users’ two-year contracts are about to expire. And you’d think Motorola would be desperately hoping that most Verizon customers don’t get wind of the Verizon iPhone 4 in advance, thereby increasing the odds that they settle in with a Motorola-made Verizon phone in the mean time. Instead, every time Motorola’s boss opens his mouth these days, he may as well be saying “Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t buy one of our phones.” In the mean time, Apple and Verizon have to be laughing at these backfiring panic moves on the part of their biggest competitors. And if you weren’t already sure the Verizon iPhone 4 was coming.

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