Samsungs dual-core CPU Orion Galaxy coming to this year?

not to be outdone by NVIDIA , Samsung also went ahead and announced the next-generation dual-core processors for smartphones. The name Orion, will be equipped with a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 in conjunction with graphics processor cores, which offers 5x enhanced 3D graphics performance over the previous generation Hummingbird.
NVIDIA is also raising 5x graphics performance of previous-generation single-core processors, so it will be interesting to see these two CPUs go head-to-head and see who comes out on top. Little is known about the complete architecture Tegra 2 system-on-chip, but Samsung could benefit from the changes they have made in the ARM Cortex-A9 reference. Samsung includes a few bonuses, such as 1 MB L2 cache CPU processing to optimize performance, added support for DDR3 memory on board and has a native triple displays.
Samsung uses the PowerVR SGX GPU with Imagination Technologies, so perhaps well see next-gen version is used with an Orion. I have not heard of any inland, but Orion could be the first system-on-chip to get the new SGX Series5XT GPU(which is apparently for many SOC from Apple, Intel, Sony, TI).
Orion will have access to select customers in the fourth quarter and mass production will occur in 2011. This means that Samsung will use its own CPU in the next generation of smartphones Galaxy, which is expected to start before Christmas. Some analysts argued Samsung had a hole Q4 , but you have to be crazy to think of the nations largest manufacturer of headsets do not miss the important holiday shopping season.
Another possible client processor can reportedly Orion Playstation Phone Sony Ericsson. Portable Sony Playstation 2 is also supposed to Series5XT PowerVR SGX GPU, which means that both devices will be based on similar platforms.
Qualcomm and Texas Instruments also said that they have a dual-core processors available in Q4, but not yet heard any official announcements of the product. HTC is working with the new Qualcomm HTC Glacier dual-core machine, but I know it will be 205 Adreno powerful GPU can be less than the current Samsung Hummingbird. We can also see TI OMAP4 Motorola smartphone this year, but once that the GPU is the same as the Hummingbird(SGX540).
Who do you think will produce the best dual-core processor for smartphones this year? NVIDIA will or Samsung
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Samsung Introduces High Performance, Low Power Dual CORTEXTM A9 application processor for mobile devices
Taipei, Taiwan-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, today unveiled its new 1GHz ARM ® A9 CORTEXTM dual-core processor-based applications, code-named Orion, for advanced mobile applications. OEM Device programmers are a powerful dual processor chip platform designed specifically to meet the needs of high performance, low-power mobile applications, including tablets, netbooks and smartphones. The new Samsung processor will be demonstrated for the seventh year of Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum held in Taiwan in Taipei Westin Hotel.
Customers are demanding complete websites without compromising on the road, said Dojun Rhee, vice president of marketing, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. Given this trend, designers need a platform for mobile applications processor, which provides superior multimedia performance, fast processor speed, and abundant memory bandwidth. The latest Samsung dual core processor chip is specifically designed to implement such stringent performance requirements while maintaining a long battery life.
Samsung designed using 45 nanometer process technology low-power, Orion is just a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores, each of which is equipped with 32 KB data cache and 32KB instruction cache . Samsung is also 1MB L2 cache processor to optimize the processing performance and provide fast context switching in a multitasking environment. In addition, the memory interface and data bus architecture supports Orion intensive multimedia applications, including HD video playback and high speed 3D gaming.
new CPUSamsung proposal contains a wide range of advanced multimedia functions performed by hardware accelerators, such as video encoder / decoder that supports 30 fps video playback and recording in full HD 1080p. The use of a stronger graphics processor unit(GPU), the new processors are capable of 5 times the 3D graphics performance over the previous generation of processors from Samsung.
For design flexibility and reducing the system BOM cost, Orion, an integrated set of commonly used interfaces in a variety of peripheral devices to the configuration of various functions. For example, in this processor, customers can choose from various types of NAND flash memory including moviNANDTM, SSD or HDD providing both SATA and interfaces eMMC. Customers can also choose the appropriate memory options, including low power LPDDR2 or DDR3, which is commonly used for high performance. In addition, global positioning system(GPS) processor bandwidth of the receiver is built into the processor seamlessly support location-based services(LBS), which is important in many new mobile applications.
Orion has on board a three-home displays of architecture that compliments the action in a multitasking environment, many of the display. Mobile device using the Orion processor can simultaneously support two on-device display, while driving one third of the external display, such as a TV or monitor via HDMI 1.3a on-chip interface.
Orion is designed to support a package on package(POP) memory stacking to reduce emissions. Derivative of Orion, which is housed in a separate package with a 0.8 mm ball pitch, is also available.
new dual-coreSamsung application processor, Orion, will be available to select customers in the fourth quarter of 2010 and will be in mass production in the first half of 2011.

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