Motorola Droid Multimedia Dock – Hands-On

Hands-on with the multimedia dock accessory for Motorola’s Droid Android phone for Verizon. More Videos: Win Free Phones:

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25 Responses to Motorola Droid Multimedia Dock – Hands-On

  1. CELTICHEATS13 says:

    @CoMasta508 yeah i got mine today, great price, love this phone!!!

  2. nylonblue24 says:

    r u serious just 99.99 dollars for a droid? thx 4 saying tht because I really wnt a DROID

  3. skwid11 says:

    looks kool i want a drois

  4. nformby says:

    This looks pretty cool but I would never buy a Motorola phone, the phones they make have always been sub-standard. And even though the droid looks pretty nice, it is probably one of the worst android phones (apart from them really crappy cheap ones you can buy.)
    But still, I could really see my phone docked as an alarm clock, very nice idea!

  5. zodak44 says:

    can you put the droid on if it has a case on

  6. bigoulpuzylipz says:

    need to put the camera down.. you’re too small

  7. stispeed408 says:

    Hmmm i am wondering if my droid will fit because i added a snap on case

  8. chicksdigwagons says:


    What rock have you been living under? Seriously, the worst Android Phone?

  9. nformby says:

    @chicksdigwagons Why does no one on youtube read properly. I said, apart from them cheap crappy phones, obviously excludes the sub standard HTCs and stupid samsung designs (so pretty much all samsung android phones). It IS probably ONE OF the worst (least good). It’s not even as good as the HTC Hero, and that’s been replaced!

  10. kbutterfly830 says:

    @stispeed408 nope. you have to take it off every time :/

  11. kbutterfly830 says:

    @zodak44 nope. you have to take it off every time :/

  12. dudeness42 says:

    I have a question… I bought the dock, in hopes of my phone charging and being a clock at night, but when I put my phone on the dock, it didn’t charge! What’s wrong with it?

  13. SURF4LIFE65 says:

    @CoMasta508 99.99 for moto droid? on the website its 149.99

  14. MacOSXMason says:

    @zodak44 No

  15. formber says:

    can you use this dock with a cover on the phone???

  16. anthonyspeaker says:

    i palyed it and i have a blackberry storm

  17. frickebrett says:

    would this work with the Droid 2?

  18. ilovecrap says:

    does this work with bestskinsever or invisible shield?

  19. Stickrazyinsane says:

    @raywilliamjohnson I think so

  20. eaturcrap says:

    @frickebrett Doesn’t matter, Droid 2 is shit.

  21. HilarioProduction says:

    thumps up if u did a pose when he took the picture!

  22. ShiroKado says:

    A moto droid is 149.99 refirbrished on verizon website, but its less then 10 dollars at staples

  23. neogen2k says:


  24. YUGIOHallDAYallNIGHT says:

    @frickebrett nope theres a seperate droid 2 dock

  25. synysterlud says:

    That looks like such a nice dock. No joke. I got the iPhone but god damn I wish apple made a dock like that :(

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