Motorola Xoom Update News: Xoom Update Great Worth the Wait

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Verizon was going to issue an update to the Motorola Xoom last month but delayed it.  The Motorola Xoom upgrade to 4G LTE was also delayed until the summer.  Motorola Xoom owners will be pleased to know what its enhanced features are, and should download it when the 28MB update becomes available.

Many are hoping that the update will include 4G LTE support.  However, 4G LTE upgrades on the Motorola Xoom require new hardware and must be returned to Verizon for service.

Besides fixing bugs, after the update, encrypted passwords can be entered during power up.  It will support Bluetooth mice and add a shortcut key for Bluetooth keyboards.  Google Talk via Bluetooth is supported.  Full versions of POP3 email will be displayed.
For business enterprise users, the Motorola Xoom update will add proxy support when connecting to Wi-Fi networks; support for SSL data transfers; support for WPA pre-shared key pass-phrases when using the device as a mobile hotspot; and support for Google’s Widevine DRM and HDCP.  Menu prompts will not make sounds in accessibility mode.

We suggest that you back up your data before starting any update as well as to make sure that your Motorola Xoom is at least 40% charged.  You can check for the update by going to Settings > About tablet > System updates.  Select “Install Now” when it becomes available.

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