Google employees start getting Ice Cream Sandwich over the air on their Nexus S


Of the many reasons we recommend you pick up a Nexus device if you want to own an Android smartphone, the fact that you’re first in line to receive Google’s software updates is one of the most attractive propositions for those of you who want to stay on the bleeding edge of what’s happening in mobile. Now that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is out, at least in Europe, and hopefully soon in the United States, the question on the minds of Galaxy Nexus S owners around the world is when will they get to experience the newest version of Google’s mobile operating system? While we don’t have a direct answer to that question, we do know this: a couple of Google employees who can’t keep their mouths shut have told their Twitter and Google+ followers that they’ve started receiving Ice Cream Sandwich on their Nexus S via an over the air update. Besides saying it’s “great”, we have no idea how Ice Cream Sandwich will run on a device that has a single core processor and 800 x 480 pixel resolution screen. When Google announced Ice Cream Sandwich, they said it was meant to run at 1280 x 720 pixels, so we’re frankly a bit concerned. Not to mention that the Nexus S has hardware buttons, so how will that work?

When the Nexus S came out we said that it didn’t bring enough to the table to warrant purchasing it. Hardcore Android fans chided us for saying that, but we stood by our decision. However when we reviewed the Galaxy Nexus earlier this month we said it was simply the best smartphone to ever leave a Chinese sweat shop. So honestly, if you want the best possible Ice Cream Sandwich experience then you owe it to yourself to just save up and buy the Galaxy Nexus.

Forget about this whole software update thing, update your gear.

[Image Credit: Screenshot from a YouTube video]

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