Siri: The iPhone Movie pits man against machine


Although Siri isn’t technically that much better than what had been previously available, it certainly has made a better case for everyday voice recognition on smartphones. Of course, the “talking to your computer” scenario has a distinctly Space Odyssey feel to it, which is helped in no small part by some of the more… quirky responses Siri has been known to give. Based on that tone, the fine folks at Rooster Teeth have cooked up this movie trailer.

A bunch of friends get an iPhone 4S for Christmas, but things quickly turn awry when Siri decides it doesn’t enjoy assisting anymore. Here’s the trailer – it’s fun, it’s silly, and you probably won’t talk to Siri the same way ever again.

Siri: The iPhone Movie pits man against machine originally appeared on on 2011-12-21T19:30:48Z. FV1gMYsz9b5j


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