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HTC One X camera challenge – can you see the difference between a smartphone and a camera?

HTC is pretty confident in the new camera they introduced in the One series. I have to be honest, they have good reason to be. The camera in the One S is downright spectacular, and really can replace a typical … Continue reading

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Sprint HTC EVO 3D: Spot the Difference!

You don’t have to take a long and thorough look at the image above to see that something’s not right. You can see two Sprint HTC EVO 3D smartphones alright, one of them though is a little bit, well, special. … Continue reading

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Chiropractors And Physical Therapists….what’s The Difference?

The term chiropractic was coined from a Greek word that literally means “done by hand,” which suggests that chiropractors are healing specialists using the hands-only techniques. But what about physical therapists, they too use hands for treatment, right? How are … Continue reading

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