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Infographic: Mobile Mania – The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

Apparently people want optimized for mobile websites. Actually they may don’t realize that, but the figures suggest that such websites lead to increased sales, generate more traffic and even boost customer engagement. Don’t take my words on this — I’m … Continue reading

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How to cheat at benchmarks (and why we should downplay their importance))

Benchmarks can be useful, whether we’re talking mobile or any other computer hardware.  There is a problem though — you have to depend on everyone being honest.  Let me explain.  Anytime you see a video or a screenshot of a … Continue reading

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Importance of Industrial Computers

To complete your system needs, Corvalent provides various industrial computers and its accessories for excellent performance. The knowledge of different products has helped us to meet clients need with ultimate industrial computer. Our motherboards, COM express, single board computers and … Continue reading

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Silicone Oven Mitts And Its Importance In Home Safety

A large percentage of accidents happen at home. From minor cuts to severe burns, the kitchen is the one place in your house where you can expose yourself to all these accidents. To minimize these dangerous incidents, household appliance manufacturers … Continue reading

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