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Samsung Registers Three More Galaxy Names; Will Any See The Light Of Day?

Over the past several months, we’ve been seeing Samsung register trademarks for a lot of new Galaxy-series devices. By now, it seems like the company has registered more names than it could ever hope to actually use, yet they keep … Continue reading

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Samsung files for more Galaxy names, including Lunge, Forge, Rivet, Wield, Mission and Victory

Samsung can’t get enough of Galaxy names. After we’ve seen them securing a number of trademarks in two batches, the Korean giant decided to take one additional step forward, and future-proof its plans with the United States Patent and Trademark … Continue reading

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Gartner: Apple to kick ass and take names in the tablet market until at least 2014

The bean counters at Gartner have published their predictions for where the tablet market is heading. Before we look ahead though, let’s look at 2010. An estimated 17.6 million tablets shipped during that year, of which 83% of them were … Continue reading

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Qualcomm invents easy to remember product names for the Snapdragon, no one but the press really cares

Every time a new Android phone comes out, odds are there’s a Qualcomm chip inside. Whenever we cover said new device, we say things like “the HTC Thunderbolt packs the Qualcomm MSM8655″, which means absolutely nothing to you until we … Continue reading

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Huawei names cyber security officer

Huawei appointed John Suffolk as its Global Cyber Security Officer as of 1 October 2011, with responsibility for activities including “communication with customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders.” Mobile Business Briefing – News

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