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Samsung supposedly set to produce 350 ppi OLED display

One of the physical drawbacks of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays is that the manufacturing process can't quite reach the insane pixel density that traditional LCD makers can. We can argue about saturation, color representation, and pentile until we're … Continue reading

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Apple To Produce the iPad Mini in Brazil (Report)

The iPad Mini rumor is becoming a regular with more and more reports indicating its existence as well as trying to unveil some more details. We’ve last heard that production might start in September and now we also find out … Continue reading

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WSJ: Component suppliers prepping to mass produce a 7-inch Apple tablet

Sources familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that Apple may start to mass produce a 7-inch tablet this fall. Component suppliers are allegedly prepping to start producing the tablet in September. An earlier report from the Wall … Continue reading

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Don’t Use Synthetic Collagen – Your Own Body Can Produce It If Stimulated Properly

Given the option… would you prefer synthetic collagen injections. Or have your own skin stimulated naturally to produce it’s own new collagen and elastin protein skin cells. Science has come a long way in being able to produce synthetic collagen … Continue reading

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