When will the Verizon iPhone finally arrive?

After years of speculation, the heavily anticipated release of the Verizon iPhone may finally be drawing near. While there now seems to be a consensus that the Verizon iPhone is going to be a reality, the experts still can’t agree on when it’s actually going to go on sale. The earliest predictions call for an announcement to be made the day after Christmas with the Verizon iPhone being sold in Verizon stores in January 2011. Skeptics of a January 2011 release point out that Apple has only released a new iPhone every summer and instead think Apple will make an announcement in January at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas to say that they will be launching the Verizon iPhone in the summer, sticking with their usual product roll out schedule. Another problem with the January release would be the fact that retailers all have 30 day return policies in which ATT in particular would be hit hard with a large amount of returned iPhones if the Verizon iPhone were to become available during this period. Investment companies seem to be taking the middle ground and expect a Verizon iPhone rollout in the spring and have already started forecasting the Verizon iPhone sales figures into their sales projections for Apple in 2011. Recent projections by Piper Jaffray predict Apple will sell 9 million Verizon iPhones in 2011 while Merrill Lynch predicts 10 million Verizon iPhone will be sold. The spring release currently seems to make them most sense and seems to be gaining the most traction among tech pundits.

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